Jane McCurdy

Film Production & Outdoor Events
Queenstown, New Zealand

With 20+ years working in the Queenstown film industry I bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills to your production.     I love working in the film industry, the daily challenges, the fantastic crew, and the wonderful locations we get to call 'our office'. 
I have worked in the helicopter industry for a number of years both in New Zealand and offshore.  I have gained a solid understanding of helicopter logistics in relation to the film industry, skills I have utlised in both in the commercial sector as well as larger feature film formats.
I am involved in Adventure Racing, having worked for 20+ years on multi-day races both here in New Zealand and in the US.   The skills of logisitic's, organisation and management directly translate into the film industry.
Independent Technician for the Film & Television Industry
TV Commercials/ Feature Films/ Documentaries/ Stills/ TV Series
Production Manager / Aerial Coordinator / Production Coordinator / Fixer
Event Manager - AR Event Communications, Logistics & HQ
E: Here
M: +64 27 473 1383

GODZone Adventure Race - Event/ HQ/ Logistics Manager (Multisport)
Exit Films - Production Manager (TVC - Samsung)
Unawen Ltd - Production Coordinator (Drama - Letter for the King)
Finch - Production Manager (TVC - Pedigree)
Finch - Production Manager (TVC - Toyota)
Goodoil Films - Production Manager (TVC - Holden Colorado)/>
The Sweet Shop - Production Manager (TVC – Homegoods)
Exit Films - Production Manager (TVC - Coors Light)
Firerooster Productions - Prod Coord (FF - Dynasty Warriors)
Itchy & Scratch Pictures - Production Manager (TVC - Eider)
DWTT Productions - Aerial Coordinator (FF – Mission Impossible 6)
SODE Productions - 2U Location Manager (FF - LORD)
Fortinbras Production - Aerial Coordinator (FF – A Wrinkle in Time)
Curious Film - Prod Manager ZQN (TVC – Arnotts)
Matchbox NZ - Prod Coord (TVD – Wanted Season 2)
Please contact me if you would like further details - this is very abbreviated!